The Foliomate product line ... a new generation of foliar nutrition.

The Foliomate product line ... a new generation of foliar nutrition. Our Foliomate line of products is designed around a new understanding for “feed the plant” technologies. The goal is to enhance and supplement all plant nutrition with timely targeted foliar applications at crucial crop development stages. Foliomate products provide targeted nutrients that stimulate improved plant health and growth.

Foliomate legumes is such a product. It is formulated to enhance and supplement foliar N, P, K, Mn and Mo within the plant at crucial growth and demand stages – in this case for Soybeans. This reduces environmental plant stresses, increasing flower development and retention. The end result is an increase in pods/plant and seeds/pod, ultimately yield.

The Two Elements

  1. Our continued tissue sampling work has clearly identified Potassium (K) and Manganese (Mn) as potential limiting factors to high yields. Foliar supplements help enhance plant nutrient movement of these yield limiting elements.

  2. Maximizing leaf absorption increases the efficacy and

ROI. Nutrients are balanced and in highly available forms.

Foliomate Legumes . . . 4 – 3 – 8 – 3 Mn – .2 Mo

Provides the proper amount of N and P to enhance the uptake of K – Mn – Mo required between Growth Stages V3-R2.

How it works:

  • K and Mn aid in plant stress reduction

  • Mo is essential to the symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria in legumes

  • Reducing plant stress increases flower retention

  • Increasing flower retention increases pods/plant

  • Increasing pods/plants increases yield

Foliomate Grain is formulated using organic amino acids for maximum bioavailability for plant leaf absorption.

Plants MUST synthesize a continuous supply of the 22 proteinogenic (protein forming) amino acids in order to grow and develop. Amino acids can also serve as organic complexing agents, delivering micronutrients in a highly bio available, environmentally friendly form. These water soluble, complexed minerals can be rapidly absorbed, translocated and metabolized by plants through leaf surfaces.

We match the use of organic amino acid complexes with nutrients found to be most deficient at crucial plant development stages.

These 2 components working together create the most predictable, most advanced and the highest plant available foliar products on the market today.

Foliomate Grain is such a product: .62 – 0 – 0 – 3Mg – .5B – 1.5Mn – 3Zn

  • Based on nearly 3000 tissue samples over 5 years collected f rom grain crops grown in our Mid-Atlantic environment.

  • Blended with 4 key amino acids: Glycine, Lysine, Aspartic acid and Proline

Introducing, Foliomate Grain… a true amino acid organic chelate creating a state -of -the -art technology for delivering selected micronutrients with maximum bio availability to ensure that Grain crops Finish Strong.