TerraFuze Technology is cutting edge SOIL active technology. While it includes refined humic acid technology, it goes well beyond the capabilities of traditional humic acids by incorporating multiple advanced soil active ingredients. Bottom line: If you are looking for the latest and most powerful tool available to not only protect the fertilizer you are placing in your fields but to also release the residual nutrients in your soil, give one of our TerraFuze technology fertilizers a try. Remember, TerraFuze is a SOIL active technology so be sure to combine it with Biogrowth NE PLANT active technology for taking your yields to the next level of profit!

Are you using a starter with Ammonium Polyphosphates in it? If so, consider upgrading your mix with a TerraFuze P blend that not only protects the phosphorous in your starter from “tying up” in your soil, but also provides many other technologies that simulate the natural root “exudates” of your planted crops. This jump starts the whole biological sphere around your roots so as soon they emerge they have abundant nutrients available from your soils. Different nutrient ratios available for starters to meet your unique operation needs. The technology works best when you reduce phosphorous applications by 40% so in addition to improved nutrient availability you will have fewer gallons to haul to the field and fewer fill ups of your planter! A win for you, your crops and the environment!

If you are placing fertilizer in the seed trench give the Boost technology a try. Our InFurrow line of Popups already have high efficiency nutrients designed for direct seed contact. When the Boost technology is added you can enjoy phosphorous protected from soil tie up, enhanced seedling establishment, multiple technologies to release plant nutrient directly to a seedling root system and superior early delivery of micronutrients.

Do you have high soil fertility levels and just want to get more of what is out there already into your crop? This version of TerraFuze technology is designed to do just that. Built to mimic natural root exudates, this technology releases nutrients while feeding the biology already in your soils. It is unique technology never seen before in the MidAtlantic. If you have been aggressively fertilizing your soil and can’t seem to get to that next level of production, use Release to unlock the nutrient potential in your soil and watch your yield climb!