Few areas in North America are the focus of such intense environmental scrutiny as the Chesapeake Bay and critics of high-yield agriculture are in no short supply.

So you may find it interesting to learn that at least one area retailer is winning environmental awards while helping local farmers increase yields. De Willard is, in effect, replacing conventional wisdom with actual wisdom: challenging popular opinions that high-yield agriculture and environmental stewardship cannot coexist. The end result is that Willard is not only improving how farmers manage their land, but how area residents view farmers.

In the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, we provide crop nutrient management for farmland in excess of 200,000 acres. Through Nutrient Management Plans that we create for farmers, we help minimize the negative impact of agriculture on the Chesapeake Bay.

Good stewardship of the land and the Chesapeake Bay watershed are very high on our list of priorities.